Tuesday, March 1, 2011

All Star Superman part 7 - Chase figures and prize pack.

While it seems to many the obvious choice for the final four chase figures for a superman set would be updates of the Reign of Supermen characters (the four Supermen that appeared after the epic battle between Doomsday and Clark: Superboy, Steel, the Eradicator, and Cyborg Superman)

New Wizkids has been anything but obvious, surprising fans with "I can't believe they made *that* figure" choices like Frog Thor, Rocket Raccoon and Lockheed. It's obvious that someone of influence in the office likes animal characters, and so what better way to round out the set than with the Legion of Super Pets?

The 'Pets make for good chase figures from the grumbling "I don't want them" set, players who would never think of using a corny character over, say, the Punisher. For die-heard Man of Steel fans these four would be welcome additions. Continuing the WoS set trend they take the place of:

#61 Spider-Hulk SR = Streaky
#62 Doppelganger SR = Beppo
#63 Bombastic Bag-Man SR = Comet
#64 Cosmic Spider-Man SR = Krypto

But wait, there’s more! Every set has to have a brick figure, 5 LEs and 2 special tokens. LEs are easy to round out using generics and repaints or renaming other figures...

#101 Jose Delgado (Gangbuster)
#102 Light Lass (Lightning Lass)
#103 Jeanette (Silver Banshee)
#104 Superman (black "Death of Superman" suit)
#105 Dr. Emil Hamilton

For the brick figure, someone iconic, the villain from the Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow story from Alan Moore:

#100 Brainiac/Luthor

Finally, this set could contain many different version of Kryptonite special object tokens...

Green Kryptonite, Red Kryptonite, Plaid Kryptonite - anything to meet your fashion needs. And finally, who wouldn't want a...

Phantom Zone Projector

Capable of blasting entire worlds into the void, or otherwise incapacitating foes (batteries not included).

The final set list gels together nicely, with several versions of Superman and his powerful allies available in the rarity tiers the way Thor was easily available in the Hammer expansion. There's plenty of top names (Lobo, Steel, Supergirl, Cyborg Superman), second tier fan favorites (Booster Gold, Ambush Bug, Mister Miracle), and those bordering on obscurity (Codename: Assassin, Gangbuster, Atomic Skull).

Plenty of "full teams" in the way of the Legion, JLI, Darkseid's Elite and Female Furies. Generic lovers will go crazy over new Intergang goons, War Hounds, and various military-police types, and the rarity of Legion of Super Pets chases shouldn't disappoint too many as internet posts seem to shun the inclusion of these figures.

Here's the set list put together:

  • #1 Intergang Agent
  • #2 Metallo Man
  • #3 STAR Labs technician
  • #4 Squad K
  • #5 Metropolis SCU
  • #6 War Hound
  • #7 Superman Robot
  • #8 Gangbuster (AE Superman)
  • #9 Zod
  • #10 Jimmy Olsen
  • #11 Sun Boy
  • #12 Ferro Lad
  • #13 Lightning Lass
  • #14 Steel
  • #15 Insect Queen (Lana Lang)
  • #16 Stompa
  • #17 Intergang Elite
  • #18 Parasite
  • #19 Ursa
  • #20 Supergirl
  • #21 Captain Maggie Sawyer
  • #22 Superman
  • #23 President Luthor (AE)
  • #24 Elastic Lad (AE)
  • #25 General Sam Lane
  • #26 Superwoman (Lois)
  • #27 Booster Gold
  • #28 Big Barda
  • #29 Maxwell Lord
  • #30 Lois Lane
  • #31 Superboy (classic)
  • #32 Mad Harriet
  • #33 Silver Banshee
  • #34 Non
  • #35 Bruno Mannheim
  • #36 Atomic Skull
  • #37 Magog
  • #38 Orion
  • #39 Lex Luthor (AE)
  • #40 Guardian
  • #41 Codename: Assassin
  • #42 Kalibak
  • #43 Lobo
  • #44 Brainiac 5
  • #45 Flamebird & Nightwing (duo)
  • #46 Desaad
  • #47 Mister Miracle
  • #48 Gilotina
The Super Rares
  • #49 Giant Turtle Boy
  • #50 Superman (Red Son)
  • #51 Prankster
  • #52 Eradicator
  • #53 Maxima
  • #54 Darkseid
  • #55 Highfather
  • #56 Mxyzptlyk
  • #57 Ambush Bug
  • #58 Cyborg Superman
  • #59 World’s Worstest (Bizarro/Batzarro)
  • #60 Bernadeth
The Chase
  • #61 Streaky
  • #62 Beppo
  • #63 Comet
  • #64 Krypto

Brick Figure
#100 Brainiac/Luthor

Prize kit
  • #101 Jose Delgado (Gangbuster)
  • #102 Light Lass (Lightning Lass)
  • #103 Jeanette (Silver Banshee)
  • #104 Superman (black suit)
  • #105 Dr. Emil Hamilton

Special Objects
  • Green Kryptonite
  • Red Kryptonite
  • Blue Kryptonite
  • Gold Kryptonite
  • Orange Kryptonite
  • Phantom Zone Projector

That about wraps up my dream Superman set, which by now has some figures spoiled already, not that I'm complaining. A new Matter Eater Lad, Wildfire, and Sun-Boy are greatly appreciated, and the Superman Robot is a much better brick figure than my Brainiac/Luthor suggestion.

September's Superman release date never seemed so far away!

All Star Superman Part 6: Super Rares

In Web of Spider-Man the Super Rare spots are taken up by a lot of Spider-Man’s villains, both classic and new, some never before made. All Star Superman seeks to do the same injecting new life into outdated characters and introducing new opponents.

Red Hulk’s spot goes to an equally “red” powerhouse - the Communist Superman from the Red Son Elseworld’s story.

Annoyance villain The Spot trades places with annoyance villain the Prankster.

Never before made Morlun loses his place to never before made Eradicator, from the Reign of Superman story arc.

Bruce Banner’s girlfriend Betty turned into the Red She Hulk, while red head Maxima tried to make Superman her lover.

Classic Spider-Villain Doctor Octopus moves over for penultimate Super-Villain Darkseid, featuring his version from Final Crisis as a way to distinguish the figure from his still competitive Crisis version.

Spider-Man ally and foe Sandman makes way for another 4th World figure - Highfather, a perfect counter to the Lord of Apokalips.

Mischevious Mysterio uses illusions to frustrate Spider-Man, so it’s fitting that the equally frustrating Mxyzptlyk takes his spot.

Self aware, 4th wall breaker Deadpool can easily translate to some-time Superman foil, and 4th wall breaking Ambush Bug.

The Green Goblin is arguably Spider-man’s greatest foe so it’s fitting that GG’s spot goes to another epic Superman villain - Cyborg Superman.

Finally, while I want to give the Iron Man/War Machine duo’s place to two men of steel (Superman and Superboy) I feel compelled to include Bizarro Superman in the set, but because he was recently included in the Arkham expansion, I want him with a twist. What better way that with a World’s Worstest duo, featuring both Bizarro and Batzarro?

That wraps up the SRs nicely with some of Superman's most colorful friends and foes.
  • #50 Red Hulk SR = Superman (Red Son)
  • #51 The Spot SR =Prankster
  • #52 Morlun SR =Eradicator
  • #53 Red She-Hulk SR = Maxima
  • #54 Doc Octopus =Darkseid
  • #55 Sandman SR = Highfather
  • #56 Mysterio SR = Mxyzptlyk
  • #57 Deadpool SR = Ambush Bug
  • #58 Green Goblin SR = Cyborg Superman
  • #59 Iron Man/War Machine SR = World’s Worstest (Bizarro/Batzarro)
Next we'll examine what could possibly be the Chase figures in this set, and look at the LEs as well.