Saturday, March 21, 2015

Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes Dial Review: Cheetah (Prime)

Prime time Cheetah isn’t treed as easily as her uncommon counterpart with 2 types of improved movement to put her in place and a Pounce special power that gives her an incredible swing on that first attack.

Exploit and Blades, Combat Reflexes and Shape Change, Outwit and Poison - this feline fatale’s dial is stacked with all the right power combos in all the right order, and unlike the “a” version can still do some damage with her Blades countered.

A strong tie up piece that also serves as an attacker this Society member will have opponents cursing when she gets knocked onto Poison, which combined with Outwit and Exploit makes her a triple threat. 

Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes Dial Review: Cheetah!

Original "cat suit" Cheetah returns to maps for the first time since Icons, looking to settle ashore with a certain Amazon.

Without any Wonder-full figures in the CURSR slots, this Silver Bullet is a bit of a blank, but the original Cat-Woman is still a bit of a pretty kitty. 

Any figure that’s 50 points and can deal 6 clicks of damage with a 10 attack is both valued and a legitimate threat. 

Outwit declaws this tie up piece quickly so positioning is key to getting the most of her 9 lives. Overall, kind of a standard dial - Not a must pick, but certainly good filler for teams.

Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes dial review: Gates!

In a set full of flight rings there is bound to be some mobility issues when positioning a team and setting up attacks. 

Thankfully, SLoSH provides players with Gates, a low-ish point super-taxi that can ‘port in and drop off a “teenage death squad” of flying attackers who are fresh and ready to strike the following round.

This bug is also a decent tie-up, evading attacks 50% of the time, and he acts as support with Perplex on his second click (unfortunately he has to blow past his Teleport Disc SP to get there). Don’t forget that Phasing can be used to reposition - a frustrating prospect for opponents that are trying to set up a counter attack. 

Not just good - he’s great for just about any team as his power set easily justifies the 3 score investment and then some.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes dial review: Toyman's Toys!

For sealed games the many Toys of Toyman are decent filler, but should you go out of your way to include them in a build? Let's examine.

The Airplane - some amazing synergy to be had if Toyman can equip 2 giving his defense a +2 bump while modifying an opponents attack by -2, making a difference of 4! 

On its own the airplane is a decent value - potentially dodging attacks with Super Senses, and possessing 2 targets with Energy Explosion for only 15 points.

The Race Car - with Toyman on the map this is a strong investment as an HSS hit and run scalpel, pinging someone for 2 damage. 

Conversely, Move and Attack is not so good when you have an 8 attack.

22 points seems a bit pricey for a figure that can’t hope to evade damage and has a single click of life and most likely an 8 attack. 

The Cymbal-Banging Monkey

This monkey means business with free action Quake, a decent defense (17 at range, 18 up close) and some ability to evade being targeted with Shape Change. 

Make the most of his Quake to cause knock back or falling damage, but be wary of knocking away opponents with range that will have an easier time shooting the monkey.

The Teddy Bear

useful as a tie up or a one time only Pulse Waver the Bear is the cheapest of all options. He’s also suicidal, and may hurt your own team as well.

Shape Change may help him as a tie up piece, and while Pulse Wave is tempting, it’s also handing your opponent 14 points with every use so watch the point count and timer when deciding to use the deluxe Ruxpin. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes dial review: Toyman!

Toyman is a gimmick piece, meant for constructed and theme play and will easily be outmatched in any 300 point sealed battle. 

WIth an initial investment of 81 points he will hopefully be packed with at least 1 toy to bring to the sandbox. Any other toys will be an automatic upgrade in his cost, which is already tipping the scales at more than 25% of build total.

To get the most, players will also want some mastermind fodder - another investment to be thrown away considering his 16 defense won’t be hard to hit (and if he’s letting his toys take the hit, he’s really doing himself a disservice as he loses buffers and may take a token). 

He’ll also likely want to push to get the Perplex/Outwit synergy going which puts him one spot closer to KO. Getting closer to use Outwit (remember, it’s now a range of 6 for this guy) may leave him too close to the fight (too bad he’s not like DC10 Oracle, capable of using the toys as avatars for support powers).

By all rights this is a fun piece - but not one that should be expected to win many games. Stay tuned tomorrow as we look  in his toy box to see what kind of surprises are in store for those unwrapping cardboard boosters this month!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes dial review: Mr. Majestic!

Mr. Majestic, like Hyperion, Sentry, Ultra-man, Omni-Man, and many many others is another “homage” to Superman, which is why he’s in a Superman set and why he “sees all” with Molecular sight. 

With a tentpole dial Majestic makes a big splash - 5 damage on a running shot, backed by Energy Explosion to overlap on those too close to his target.

Attack and damage values fluctuate especially backed with modifiers like Perplex, Super Strength, and CCE and the super-bruiser is a damage sponge with Invulnerable or Impervious defenses on all but his last click.

The move and attack ability may surprise a few that don’t recognize the new symbol, and it may help him outmaneuver opponents. For instance, opting to fall back a turn after swooping in with a Running Shot will force opponents to keep on the move. 

Majestic is strong, but suffers the same as any tentpole in his point class, and his cost-to-click ratio (point cost to # of slots of life) is disconcerting (he’s about 28 points per click) especially considering the dip he takes once he’s past click 5. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes dial review: Black Manta

Cue the Jaws theme - the Wildcard Black Manta returns to the map with move and attack on every click and a host of strong attack powers. 

Starting as a ranged attacker he Sidesteps from the surf to Penetrating Blast with an impressive 11 attack and two targets.

Opening Toughness fades to Combat Reflexes and gives him another reason to go overboard where lines of fire can’t be drawn to him. 

He’ll likely end up on mid dial Charge to help him close the distance, and Blades to supplement his damage. Use Indomitable to follow through from the Charge with CCE to boost attack or damage.

Manta can do something useful on every click leaving his old Hypertime version to sleep with the fishes in Davy Jone’s locker.