Saturday, March 21, 2015

Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes dial review: Gates!

In a set full of flight rings there is bound to be some mobility issues when positioning a team and setting up attacks. 

Thankfully, SLoSH provides players with Gates, a low-ish point super-taxi that can ‘port in and drop off a “teenage death squad” of flying attackers who are fresh and ready to strike the following round.

This bug is also a decent tie-up, evading attacks 50% of the time, and he acts as support with Perplex on his second click (unfortunately he has to blow past his Teleport Disc SP to get there). Don’t forget that Phasing can be used to reposition - a frustrating prospect for opponents that are trying to set up a counter attack. 

Not just good - he’s great for just about any team as his power set easily justifies the 3 score investment and then some.

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