Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes dial review: Toyman's Toys!

For sealed games the many Toys of Toyman are decent filler, but should you go out of your way to include them in a build? Let's examine.

The Airplane - some amazing synergy to be had if Toyman can equip 2 giving his defense a +2 bump while modifying an opponents attack by -2, making a difference of 4! 

On its own the airplane is a decent value - potentially dodging attacks with Super Senses, and possessing 2 targets with Energy Explosion for only 15 points.

The Race Car - with Toyman on the map this is a strong investment as an HSS hit and run scalpel, pinging someone for 2 damage. 

Conversely, Move and Attack is not so good when you have an 8 attack.

22 points seems a bit pricey for a figure that can’t hope to evade damage and has a single click of life and most likely an 8 attack. 

The Cymbal-Banging Monkey

This monkey means business with free action Quake, a decent defense (17 at range, 18 up close) and some ability to evade being targeted with Shape Change. 

Make the most of his Quake to cause knock back or falling damage, but be wary of knocking away opponents with range that will have an easier time shooting the monkey.

The Teddy Bear

useful as a tie up or a one time only Pulse Waver the Bear is the cheapest of all options. He’s also suicidal, and may hurt your own team as well.

Shape Change may help him as a tie up piece, and while Pulse Wave is tempting, it’s also handing your opponent 14 points with every use so watch the point count and timer when deciding to use the deluxe Ruxpin. 

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