Monday, February 10, 2014

Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes dial review: MORDRU

Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes dial review: Mordru

Santa returns to the game in his third attempt to be a competitive tentpole offering a host of Traits that won't get used in a sealed event. 

As a 200 point Mystic he brings a lot of damage reduction to the fight, stretching out his Mystics feedback damage. Using his Outwit to counter an opponents ability to inflict penetrating damage is going to be key to winning with this giant angry lawn gnome. 

Competitively, Mordu lacks just enough to maintain viability as a one many army - he needs some kind of immunity to power countering for that, and at 200 points his attack values hover around a point or two too low to be a reliable primary attacker that can front a team and see it through to the win.

His biggest tactic with LIMITLESS MAGIC will be choosing Pulse Wave or Precision Strike to stick damage, deal with Stealth, etc - but don't forget Poison when he has two tokens and can't take any actions. 

Hammering through 5 clicks of Invincible will cost an opponent a lot of life, which is why removing any Outwit from the board will be a priority for those playing him. He's a risky piece, one that will challenge experienced players who field him, and frustrate those who don't know how to deal with a Mystic tentpole.

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