Sunday, February 23, 2014

Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes dial review: Toyman!

Toyman is a gimmick piece, meant for constructed and theme play and will easily be outmatched in any 300 point sealed battle. 

WIth an initial investment of 81 points he will hopefully be packed with at least 1 toy to bring to the sandbox. Any other toys will be an automatic upgrade in his cost, which is already tipping the scales at more than 25% of build total.

To get the most, players will also want some mastermind fodder - another investment to be thrown away considering his 16 defense won’t be hard to hit (and if he’s letting his toys take the hit, he’s really doing himself a disservice as he loses buffers and may take a token). 

He’ll also likely want to push to get the Perplex/Outwit synergy going which puts him one spot closer to KO. Getting closer to use Outwit (remember, it’s now a range of 6 for this guy) may leave him too close to the fight (too bad he’s not like DC10 Oracle, capable of using the toys as avatars for support powers).

By all rights this is a fun piece - but not one that should be expected to win many games. Stay tuned tomorrow as we look  in his toy box to see what kind of surprises are in store for those unwrapping cardboard boosters this month!

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