Monday, February 3, 2014

Hard to Believe: featuring Hawk & Dove's enemy Kestrel

It's hard to believe that Hawk and Dove's enemy Kestrel has never been made in HeroClix.

Who is Kestrel?

Kestrel is a villain with origin ties to Hawk's source of power - the Lords of Chaos. Apparently these Lords felt Hawk wasn't chaotic enough (as Hawk was masquerading as a hero) so they unleashed this destructive spell that possesses humans (think Captain Universe, only evil).

Kestrel's power set includes adamantium sharp claws, enhanced strength, durability with both heightened reflexes and senses.

Kestrel is also pretty much a nobody - comic vine lists Kestrel as only appearing in 27 issues. From that standpoint it's easy to understand why Kestrel hasn't been included in the 'clixdd club.

So why is it hard to believe this mort hasn't been made yet?

From a costume standpoint this is one of the easiest figures to remake - repaint any version of Hawk and you have Kestrel. WizKids saves on sculpt production costs, and only have to make a new dial.

In HeroClix dial terms I might add some kind of chaos trait (like the Ancient One's ability to reroll opponent's dice), and something that specifically messes with Hawk and Dove's combat values when Kestrel is on the board.

So how about it WizKids? Next time we see Hawk and Dove in a set, let's get a Kestrel Prime, SR repaint, or gravity feed variant, if not an LE prize!

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