Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Avengers Vs X-Men - HeroClix Figure Review: Magik

One might think that Magik would be the answer to the Avenger's Scarlet Witch, but one would be wrong.

Both are mystical and support pieces, but Illyana is more of a glorified team transport.

At 75 points, she's going to see a lot of use on X-Men teams for her TK power alone - mostly because her combat values really suffer from downward spiral syndrome. A 9 av drops off to 8, where she's better suited to using Barrier and Outwit or her Teleportation Discs for team support than trying to hit a high defense. Rear dial she picks up a little more bite with her Soul Sword in play, but can't quite hold her own.

The 50 point upgrade looks like a mirror image of her WatX version starting with Probability Control, Pulse Wave and ES/D. The dial feels a little too unsure of itself - it doesn't know what it wants to be. With a range of 5, Pulse Wave is severely limited (especially if she's trying to cart teammates around with Teleportation Discs or act as an XTA healing battery).

She's going to have to get close to use ranged attacks, reducing the effectiveness of her ES/D as well. The special power feels somewhat limiting given the scenario - there's few Avengers that have a Mystic keyword, many Mystics don't have damage reduction AND she's got Pulse Wave which is a better option for dealing with the Mystic TA.  This New Mutant might have been better served by outright ignoring the defense powers on Mystical figures, or having a "feedback-feedback" power like Shimmer from TT.

Whatever the case, of all the dials in the set, this one feels the most phoned in - a variation on the 100ish point figure fans got in WAXM down to mimicking the opening click of PW/ESD/PC. If the X-men could be said to have one dud dial this is it, however unlike Iron Man (the Avenger's resident dud) Magik can do something useful on most of her clicks without needing to make an attack roll.

At the end of the day this New Mutant is not one you build a team around, but one that fills out a quota or acts as a TK crutch to get the bigger, better attackers in play faster.

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