Monday, January 27, 2014

Avengers Vs X-Men - HeroClix Figure Review: Colossus

It's almost hard to believe we've gotten 8 dials/starting point costs for the armor X-Man in the modern age. From the Fear itself SR to the WXM duo & Chase. Now the AVX starter brings in two more versions of the "roided up" Juggernaut empowered mutant sting guy.

As the second X-Bruiser in the AVX set Colosso-naut brings a little something new to the brick-fight with an SP that lets the X-Men use their TA as a free action.

Like Namor his dial doesn't change much on either starting line, but it may be worth the 50 point upgrade for the 18 Defend alone, a power which just seems to be exponentially better with every point above 17. 

WIth a thick skin, and lots of damage reducers it's a fair bet he won't be KO'd easily, especially if he's able to manipulate the X-men TA or acquire additional free healing from a figure like Forge. Peter also maintains usefulness with both Plasticity, Empower, Sidestep and wall-busting providing a few other tactical options.

Either price point is a solid entry level, but as mentioned before there's so many other versions of the character floating around, and in modular increments (the 100 point Common, the 150/295 point Phoenix Five chase) that it will probably come down to force build budget making the final call.

For the cost, it's hard to imagine one wouldn't take a ranged bruiser like Magneto or Cyclops over this walking I-beam, but he does fill out the niche of beatstick well, and should be a tough nut for most opponents to crack.

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