Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Avengers Vs X-Men - HeroClix Figure Review: Thor

The son of Odin presents a figure players won't feel bad about paying an extra 100 points for a mere 3 click upgrade.

With a huge swing of his hammer, Loki's big brother owns the skies with ranged attacks raining down penetrating lightning strikes on multiple targets.

Up close he's just as intimidating with a 12 attack, 5 damage and Super Strength. Like Iron Man, there's plenty of versions of goldilocks in modern age, but the AVX starter really sets itself apart.

Even at the 100 point level Thor doesn't miss the mark - Running Shot with 4 damage from a Pulse Wave will greatly soften up the opposition especially on single targets. His biggest vulnerability - Stealth - is easily countered with the Pulse Wave, and his damage values remain strong even to the end, where he can always split his targets for the penetrating damage trait and feel like there's a point to not using Pulse Wave all the time.

As one of two taxis for the Avengers, Thor brings much more to the battle than his ironclad ally in both combat stability and defense and should see plenty of play at both levels, depending on the build value.

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