Sunday, January 5, 2014

Avengers Vs X-Men - HeroClix Figure Review: Emma Frost

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but in a fight is Emma worth her karat weight, or is she a lump of coal?

The 5th version of Emma Frost in the past year doesn't bring anything "new" to the character - players can choose to start in her diamond form at 100 points, or spend 25 points for an upgrade to her Mind Controling, Enhancing "softer" version. 

Both dials are fortified by power counter protection, which is especially appreciated on the 5 click deep shorter dial that starts with damage reduction. 

From the aspect of utility she may be the best "split" dial in either starter as the true benefit to Emma is her ability to fill multiple roles on a team - whether players need a close combatant or a ranged attacker either dial can be plugged in to a force with ease.

She has a full dial of Outwit on every click as well, in addition to a dash of Enhancement and a dab of Probability Control making her an excellent supporting cast member that can also hold her own in a fight.

While she's not a tentpole like Thor, she can make any X-team better just by being there and pulls her weight with the ease and grace befitting the character's personality.

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