Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Avengers Vs X-Men - HeroClix Figure Review: Namor

The fisher-king returns with another team - this time he joins the X-men, though he's been known to flip flop between several other companions - Defenders, Avengers, Invaders, Dr. Doom, Dark X-Men, and so on.

It's hard to top the power of the Secret Invasion brute - the Charge + Flurry monster that gave respect to the words Imperious Rex. So how does this version of the wing footed water breather hold up?

The Avengers have ranged heavy hitters like Thor and Iron Man, the X-Men have cornered the market of close combat bricks with the likes of Namor and Colossus. At 150 points he has one of the longer rookie dials at 6 clicks deep, and very high damage potential as well, Charging in with a Heavy Object and his 11 attack for a potential 6 penetrating damage. With Indomitable and Flurry in play, he's going to be flailing arms like an octopus turned boxer capable of taking out several opposing figures in a very short amount of time. 

Upgrading 75 points doesn't see much progression in combat values - he's got the same 11 attack, same 4 damage, same Charge. His defense hikes up a notch as does his speed and with 3 extra clicks it will be harder to KO him, especially if he can work in that end dial Regeneration.

Namor is impressive at either level but almost surely requires some TK positioning to get the first strike, and his return on investment in. 

Which one is better? 

Ultimately it depends on the build total - at lower force builds players will be putting more eggs in one basket with the 225'er, but in higher point games he's almost a must include for his longevity and stamina. In any case neither one should disappoint anyone but an opponent. 

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