Thursday, January 2, 2014

Avengers Vs X-Men - HeroClix Figure Review: Wolverine

The X-man has turned Avenger, but does that give his adamanium claws an even sharper edge over his former teammates?

As the figure with longest dial in either starter set Logan is also possibly the safest investment - protected by Stealth and Damage reducers, it's going to be hard to drop the furry Canuck in two or even three hits at his top dial.

With three distinct starting points to choose from players have plenty of options. Do they want the "shouldn't ignore me" disposable 75 point grind house tie-up piece, or a slightly more durable hack and slasher? Both R & E dials start with Charge/Claws/Exploit making him a serious threat to the thick skinned. 

At 175 points you're really paying through the nose for a mere two clicks more life, even if it comes with his best attack and toughest damage reduction. The problem with the Vet is his lack of move and attack - he demands to be used with TK at that point (or drop a hammer on him). Stealth is great, but has diminished somewhat in value with Improved Targeting (and really, Sharon Carter can give Logan the same benefit without breaking theme).

Like Cap, I feel the maxxed out Weapon X is best suited for bigger games where he can be an effective nuisance and distraction without taking away points that would be better spent elsewhere. At 125 points players will have the best return on investment.

8 clicks of life, Indomitable and with two clicks of Regeneration, Weapon X presents a greater threat with opening Charge, Exploit and Blades. The deeper dial makes all the difference on the battlefield, especially because he can self heal. Shave 50 points off and players are left with a very fragile throw away threat.

If you don't care about first strike so much those 75 points may be better spent on the Fast Forces Wolverine, a 7 click deep threat with many of the same attributes (TA, keyword, regeneration) that's likely not to get KO'd in one shot.

Surprisingly there's not a trait or ability that gives him some kind of "Inside Information" against either team - ignoring opposing figures for movement purposes if they share a keyword might have been appropriate, as those that know him likely wouldn't stand in his way. Wolverine has both Avengers and X-Men keywords so I suppose it is possible to play him on either side, though for comic accuracy he really belongs with the A-team.

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