Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Avengers Vs X-Men - HeroClix Figure Review: Iron Man

Avengers Vs X-Men - HeroClix Figure Review: Iron Man

Yet another version of Shellhead, the AVX starter lacks the bells and whistles one might expect of a character that thought to make an Anti-Magneto armored suit, and ends up bringing a rock to a gunfight.

With 2 starting levels, the 150 point upgrade sees no improvement in attack values or defense on the top starting line, but does provide some opening Psychic Blast with a solid 4 damage. Push to click 2 and choose one of two support powers to use, but lose the mobility of move and attack.

Even the 5 click, 100 point tin can Tony is underwhelming. He'll scatter the non-Charging opponents with his knock back trait and EE combo, but he can't take the punishment that Cap or Thor can at the 100 pointer level, and will be stuck rolling for Regeneration more often than attacking.

There's so many better versions of the armored Avenger in modern age right now that the only reason you'll field this bad boy is if you literally have no better choice readily available. This may be the biggest upset and disappointment from the entire AvX series.

Considering Tony took down Magneto, it wouldn't have been out of place to include either the Mags-busting armor (strait out ignoring ranged combat attacks just as the WaX Havok/Cyclops do) or if that was too specific an advantage give him the option to choose an opposing character to ignore ranged attacks, or even choose a power that can't effect him during the battle.

As is this Shellhead is a dud, and will be riding the bench most of the fight. 

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