Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes dial review: Mr. Majestic!

Mr. Majestic, like Hyperion, Sentry, Ultra-man, Omni-Man, and many many others is another “homage” to Superman, which is why he’s in a Superman set and why he “sees all” with Molecular sight. 

With a tentpole dial Majestic makes a big splash - 5 damage on a running shot, backed by Energy Explosion to overlap on those too close to his target.

Attack and damage values fluctuate especially backed with modifiers like Perplex, Super Strength, and CCE and the super-bruiser is a damage sponge with Invulnerable or Impervious defenses on all but his last click.

The move and attack ability may surprise a few that don’t recognize the new symbol, and it may help him outmaneuver opponents. For instance, opting to fall back a turn after swooping in with a Running Shot will force opponents to keep on the move. 

Majestic is strong, but suffers the same as any tentpole in his point class, and his cost-to-click ratio (point cost to # of slots of life) is disconcerting (he’s about 28 points per click) especially considering the dip he takes once he’s past click 5. 

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