Sunday, February 9, 2014

Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes dial review: Universo

Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes dial review: Universo

It seems like every set delivers at least 1 great Mind Control figure (usually in a SR spot) and SLOSH is no different, giving us the long time Legion foe Universo, a master mentalist who was once Earth's Green Lantern (and is now the reason Green Lanterns are not allowed on Earth in the LoSH's future).

While he has the standard mesmerist power one would come to expect he adds extra flavor by gaining a bonus against his hated enemies - healing up after taking feedback damage from Legionnaires. 

Defenses are strong if squishy, backed with 2 types of Damage Evasion, and his combat values don't suffer the way many mind controllers do - he's not saddled with a 1 or 2 in the damage slot, but he starts with a 3 which will crack defenses. Three damage with a 7 range make him more than just a mind bender.

Universo's also a Wild Card - it may not be much, but it's there - and he's not exactly breaking the bank at 71 points, less than a quarter of the build total. He's one of the few that may surprise many - as he doesn't look like much on paper, and is a relative unknown to the masses. 

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