Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You've Stumbled Into The M0usetrap...

...where my only aim is to catch your attention.

About me:

Under the screen name anonym0use I began writing Heroclix strategy articles for in early 2007, driven by a desire to increase some of the site's original content. After reading many, many threads in the "rules" forum I also saw a need to create a series of informative articles to help educate players on some of the trickier aspects of the game.

Since I began nearly three years ago I have published over 200 Heroclix strategy and gaming articles online, at HCRealms, as well as

My articles range from simple strategy to op/ed to humor, and have generated as many as 5000 hits in a 24 hour period with up to 10,000 views per article. In addition to fans of the game, my audience includes gaming industry insiders from artists and sculptors to brand managers. Personally, I am flattered to have fooled them all into thinking that I might actually have had something important to say.

While I created and continue to write several series of articles (including the popular "How to Win", "Box it Up" "Feat Spotlight" and "Mod Madness") formats for HCRealms, I felt it was time to create a blog that showcased my work there in addition to backing it up.

In the future I'll be posting Heroclix exclusives here, as well as uploading new articles before I publish them on HCRealms. I'm also going to use this as a means to express other gaming and hobby interests that don't pertain solely to Heroclix. In the coming weeks I'll blog about the two D&D campaigns I'm involved in, the board games that capture my attention, and other nuggets of pop culture, fantasy and science fiction.

Enter friend, and leave well fed.

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