Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tanks for all the memories!

Okay, recent revelations about Superman (namely it being a 54 figure set) have severely crimped my plans to finish my dream set. So far with the Flashpoint sub-theme, and the revelation of the World Champ's figure (Black Adam) taking a spot, I've given up hope that this would be on par with Web of Spider-Man. No way am I getting all my wants, so now I'm just rooting for Lois, Jimmy, and their Super Powered versions. If I don't get a mutated Turtle Boy I may cry.

Speaking of mutant freaks, Tank Girl has for years hung out with a pack of Kangaroo men. Because I highly doubt we'd ever see a Gorillaz/Tank Girl action pack I broke down and commissioned a custom clix from a friend who is a very talented artist. For years I've wanted a Tank Girl Heroclix, and now I finally have one:

I couldn't be happier with the detail from the Teddy bear to the cigar, and everything in between. Tanky is on GSX Bonebreaker's dial and provides a lot of firepower to the battlefield with Indomitable and the ability to break away and ignore characters and hindering terrain for those full move Running Shots.

I've played about a half dozen games against her so far, and she's a formidable opponent. Pictured above she's teamed with GSX Pretty Boy, Gideon, and Omega Sentinel who all have that "post apocalyptic" feel. Her foes on the airbase map (featuring a tank - duh) were three Moloids, Mole Man, and two Mindless Ones.

Tank Girl won a few, and lost a few - the two teams were evenly balanced. The highlight of one game was having a Moloid pick up the Crimson Gem of Cytorrak and defeating Gideon on his own, before finishing off a wounded Pretty Boy! All Hail the Mugger-Noid!

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Tank Girl rocks!!!