Tuesday, June 21, 2011

He's back, and ready to dance!

No, I'm not talking about Felix Faust.

Vibe (and Steel) returns to the DCU this summer as the DC Retroactive event resurrects the greatest incarnation of the Justice League:

For the uninitiated DC Retroactive is a company wide event preceding the much ballyhooed Flashpoint reboot. It's too early to tell if Retroactive will be retconning some history in the new DCU, or if it is just an attempt to tell stories "Lost In Time." Here's hoping that Felix Faust travels back in time, and somehow prevents the death of Vibe, so he's alive and well in the DCnuU.

Each Retroactive issue comes packed with a new story from that era as well as a reprint from that time, so readers can understand the context, dialogue, and fashion choices.

Whatever the case may be, I don't care about the specifics because I get another chance to follow the Detroit League in an all new adventure. I'm curious to see what the reprint adventure will be, as there weren't too many one shot issues that didn't focus on a single character, that were not also double sized issues or Annuals.

The initial story arc that introduced the JL:D (in JLofA #233) featured the Cadre and was several issues long, featuring connecting covers that spotlit the whole team as a giant poster.

Other highlights were also two or four parters like when the League took on Amazo, or when Despero was upgraded from a weakling who played mind games to a musclebound powerhouse.

There were a few solo issues featuring Steel in a Crisis crossover, Vixen facing her evil uncle, Zatanna with her ascent to the God-head (a tale best left forgotten) so for the most part I can't imagine the "definitive" Justice League Detroit tale to be reprinted, but it may be this:

A story showcasing that the JL:D were better than the Trinity's combined powers. Whatever the case may be, I'm looking forward to spending money on this issue and diving headfirst into the shallow end of the nostalgia pool.

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