Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Superman or Elseworlds?

So the Superman checklist was revealed, (awhile ago, I know...I know) and compared to my list there's actually a lot of difference. Many of the characters I figured would be in the set, didn't make the cut.

No Lana Lang Insect Queen? Now she'll never get made. And what about the Furies? And then there's just the bizarre choices. No Jimmy Olsen? No Mxyzptlyk? No Krypto? Sigh.

Here's where my list matched up with WizKids:

  • #1 Intergang Agent
  • #7 Superman Robot
  • #8 Gangbuster
  • #9 Zod
  • #11 Sun Boy
  • #14 Steel
  • #18 Parasite
  • #19 Ursa
  • #20 Supergirl
  • #22 Superman
  • #26 Superwoman (Lois)
  • #29 Maxwell Lord
  • #31 Superboy (classic)
  • #33 Silver Banshee
  • #34 Non
  • #35 Bruno Mannheim
  • #37 Magog
  • #39 Lex Luthor
  • #43 Lobo
  • #44 Brainiac 5
  • #52 Eradicator
  • #54 Darkseid
  • #58 Cyborg Superman
24/60. In short, I suck at predicting these things.

It is interesting to note that this is the closest thing we've had to an Elseworlds set ever. Between the All Star contingent, the Flashpoint sub-theme, and the variant chases, there's no less than 15 out of continuity figures. And that doesn't even include the Kingdom Come guys, or the Legion who are constantly going through alternate timeline reboots.

There's also a few figures I suspect are holdovers from DC75. Human Target, for instance isn't exactly a Superman staple, and while Swamp Thing has had encounters with the Man of Steel, he more or less screams 75 years of DC! Swampy probably had to be delayed due to storyline reasons, I'm not sure it was known that he came back with the Brightest Day when 75 was released.

Seven Deadly Brothers feels completely out of place (and is another that was better suited for DC75, which just adds to my conspiracy theory that DC75 had a bunch of Skittle Lanterns shoved into it at the expense of a few other figures.

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