Thursday, September 16, 2010

300: a Spartan way to play

This is... Sparta? It's somewhat fitting that the Iron Man and War Machine duo is 300 points on the nose - a one man army (two man duo?) unto themselves, like the Spartans of old, almost always outnumbered in a fight but definitely not outgunned.

In a sealed event at 300 points the Armored Avengers have a good chance of taking the enemy by surprise, dominating with the Duo Attack ability and their All Out Assault sp. It's a shame they can't combine All Out Assault with Adaptive Response Armor (which only activates when the pair make a duo attack) but regardless the two make for a formidable force.

What really sells Team Iron-Pants as a one man army, is a combination of the Indomitable ability, the outstanding combat values, the damage reducing defenses, and a wide variety of powers (Outwit, PB, RCE, etc.) that they can use with the Duo Attack.

If you're lucky enough, I highly recommend giving them a try in sealed, because I'm afraid the two just won't hold up in constructed - where pre-formatted 300 point teams will wreck them with Outwit, TK, and other strategies.

The thought of a fully functional 300 point figure gets me excited like a kid on Christmas Eve, or a nerd on Free Comic Book Day, and I'm looking forward to seeing more 300 figures in upcoming sets.

Next up is DC's 75th Anniversary set, and who better to work as a one man army than the original super-hero:


I admit, I'm not a fan of him carrying around the shield and eagle everywhere, but if there was ever a figure that should be worth 300 points, Clark is that guy. Other 300 point figures could include heroes like Jean Grey as the Phoenix, and the Incredible Hulk.

Heroes need powerful villains, and there's plenty available like Amazo (the one man Justice League), the Orange Lantern Larfleeze, Thanos, Darkseid and last but not least: this guy...


In fact, the thought of a 300 point Superman facing off against a 300 point Doomsday in DC 75th anniversary sealed events brings out the 6 year old in me - which is really a big part of what HeroClix is about for older players: recapturing our youth in colorful 3-D battles.

I'm hopefull Wizkids continues delivering a few effective 300 point dials per set, to bring out that one versus many, all or nothing adrenaline rush on the battle maps.

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