Saturday, September 11, 2010

Misadventures in Babysitting!

Web of Spider-Man has hit the streets, allowing for fun, new, provocative team building. I've always been a distant fan of Deadpool since he popped up in Marvel Ultimate Alliance, and while I have yet to pull any SRs...

If I had a Deadpool, this is what I’d run in "Golden Age".

158 WS057 Deadpool
40 SI012 Gee
25 SI013 Lightspeed
43 HA041 Molly Hayes
30 Mass Master
3 HAF103 Runaways

A Marvel-Inappropriate-Team-Up.

It’s got some comedic value - with Wade wrangling 4 kiddies on a field trip to the big city. It’s got some competitive value, with TK, a great Taxi, Molly Hayes as a secondary attacker/clean up piece, and Mass Master for Tie-Up. Deadpool should, Push, push, push, throwing the FF TA kids to the wolves for some added healing.

Make it weirder:

For a 400 point build, I’d add a Bombastic Bag-man on upgrading Mass Master to Howard the Duck for giggles (and Perplex). It is a Deadpool team after all.

Of course I don’t have a Deadpool, so I’ll have to wait until I can pay for Wade's services to run this, and other fun, exciting Deadpool teams like Deadpool & Hercules, seen here in Deadpool team-up #899, and a perfect 300 points:

Finally, I'd like to try an assassins team from the aforementioned MUA game:

Veteran Blade 41
Rare Elektra (Human) 80
Rare Wolverine (X-Force) 105
SR Deadpool 158
Total = 394

I think there's some good synergy here between Wild Card and other TAs. Hopefully we'll get an X-Force ATA soon. Finally, we really need an updated Blade. Let's hope he, and Ghostrider make it into a Marvel set soon.

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