Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Terrible Twos!

When you're building a team in a sealed event take note of damage output. WoS has a case of the terrible twos - which will make chiseling through Toughness frustrating.

Figures like Morlun or the Hulks will be downright intimidating without some damage modification. There are a number of Super Strength, CCE, B/C/F and EW figures, so keep an eye out for anything that will help increase the pain.

On top of Terrible Twos, WoS gives us a number of lone ones. Researcher, Code: Blue, Mugger, MJ, JJJ, Mystero, Spot and Vapor start out with embarrassing binary damage. A number of other 2 damage figures drop to 1 after a few clicks including Chameleon, Peter Parker & Norman Osborne.

Of course some figures can't be expected to have powerful punches - MJ's a hugger, not a slugger. Still, it's hard to justify spending 25% of a 300 point build on a figure that dishes out damage a click at a time.

Fortunately Vapor & Mysterio have their benefits as well (PC, Perplex, EW, or Poison). Still, it's a long road to victory when you're earning it one click at a time.

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