Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The New Sinister Split

When you're looking at set design Web of Spider-Man is a lot like Sinister, not just in terms of character selection (Bullseye, Scarlet Spider, Venom, Spider-man, Wolverine) but also in terms of dial layout.

However, where Sinister showcased a frustrating 9 attack, 17 damage split (meaning attack rolls were harder to land), WoS squeezes the 9/17 gap by featuring a lot of characters with a 10/16 or even 9/16 split. Those 16 defense figs will get hit - a lot - so when possible avoid those 16’s.

There’s also a number of characters with higher defenses (and lower attacks!) - the 9/17 is back, as is the new normal 10/17 and while the attack spread isn’t as prevalent here as it was in Sinister, it is apparent the bar has been moved down a notch or three since Hammer of Thor.

Finally, as some have pointed out on HCRealms.com, the game designers put a few Easter eggs into the set in terms of combat values. Peter Parker shares exact dial layout (numbers not powers) with his clone Ben Reilley.

Likewise, Spider-Man, Scarlet Spider, and Doppleganger all have the same raw stats.

Kind of a neat addition to an otherwise dynamic set!

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