Thursday, August 26, 2010

Get Ready For A Fist Fight!

The back alley brawl returns with Web of Spider-Man. I'm not talking about the battlefield condition, nope, I'm noting the set is overflowing with low to no ranged attack figures, putting an emphasis on old fashioned fisticuffs. Nearly half of the figures in the set have 0 range.

More than 60% of the figures in WoS
lack a range value better than 4.

On the flip side only 3 characters have 10 range (Cosmic Spidey, Bullseye and X-ray). The 8 figures with an 8 range are tent poles - mostly expensive, around 100 to 150 points, and easily take up a good chunck of a 300 point build total, leaving little room for support.

Take a look at the breakdown:
0 range - 26 figures
2 range - 3 figures
4 range - 14 figures
6 range - 10 figures
8 range - 8 figures
10 range - 3 figures

If you do pull a ranged heavy team, be sure to use the WoS map to your advantage - elevated terrain makes for good sniping. Keep moving though, rather than get boxed in and forced into hand to hand. Water Terrain will make it difficult to reach those flying, Running Shot figures.

Frontal assaults will prove daunting to the mobility challenged teams - unless you’re willing to slog through Water Terrain, (and there's plenty of Leap/Climbers in the set) this is a battlefield with about a 4 square wide bottleneck.

Get ready to run up and punch someone in the face.

Highly mobile tie-up pieces are a must and players should think of potential sacrificial pieces when building teams - someone to Leap/Climb or Phase/Teleport adjacent to a rooftop sniper if only to buy their teammates time to cross that bridge.

If you're a cautious, conservative, defensive minded player be prepared to change your play style. This set and map are not for timid players.

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