Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wizkids did it right - part 1 of 3

I know I'm often vocal in my disappointment of the direction of Heroclix from time to time (see my Watchmen posts), so I think it's only fair to air some positive views as well. Web of Spider-man gives me that opportunity, and I'll be dedicating a few posts to what the new boss (Neca) is doing right.

The Chase is Off...

...and I'm happy. Love them or leave them, the issue of Chase figures and variants have split the Heroclix community time and again - with some fans nearly Hulking out in online forums defending their opinions, or turning green with envy at the lucky person next to them who pulls one in a sealed event.

Calm down Peter!

For whatever reason (production error? Fan backlash over Black Lantern chase figures? Marketing test?) Wizkids decided not to include the frenzy inducing extremely rare Chase figures in Web of Spider-Man.

In case you've been living with a bag on your head this past month, you probably haven't heard rumors that Wizkids opted to take the 4 figures that should have been slated for chase figures and made them Super-Rares, extending the set to 64 pieces.

There's been a lot of speculation as to the "whys?" of this decision - I prefer to think Wizkids threw the fans a bone here. With great power comes great responsibility, yadda yadda.

It doesn't take Captain Universe's Uni-Vision to see that including fun, but extremely rare Spider-Man variations in WoS like the Spider-Hulk, the FF costumed Bag-Man, and Cosmic Spidey would disappoint the casual players and cause a backlash.

Online message boards have been abuzz for years with rumors and hopes about the Captain Universe variant web-head, and now many, myself included will be grateful that they won’t have to pay upwards of $100 for a nostalgia evoking piece of plastic if they don't get lucky in booster pulls.

Whatever the reasoning behind the Chase disappearance is, I don't care. My chances to get a Super-Rare are better than the odds than pulling a Chase figure, much less 3 Chase figures I'd like to own and play - so I'm thankful for it.

Web of Spider-man is a celebration of what may be Marvel's greatest hero, cataloging decades of the troubled teen's adventures by offering several variations of Peter Parker and his crazy, psychotic symbiotic offspring.

You might need six arms if you want to grab them all!

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