Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wizkids did it right - part 2 of 3

Remember when going to a convention meant anything could happen? Before the internet gave us constant spoilers, and you had to rely on vague rumors from Jeff's brother down at the comic shop? When you didn't know what was going to be produced, (aside from the promo sheet) before you had the new product in hand?

Apparently Wizkids remembers, and brought some excitement back to big conventions with this year's Web of Spider-man's Gencon Debut.

A select few Heroclix fans got a sneak peak before the set's official release, participating in sealed booster events (reminiscent of the old style pre-releases circa Mutant Mayhem). This is what convention going should be about - an incredible sale point to get people to the convention and talking about the game.

Unfortunately Gencon came a full month before the set’s release, and with nearly 100% of the set spoiled some of the hype has faded. Still, it would be nice if some form of this tradition continued, especially if the time gap from preview to release could be shortened. I’m aware the old pre-releases had some kinks and corruption, but as a player there’s no substitute for learning dials on the fly and uncovering set lists firsthand, before they have a chance to be spoiled.

Here's to yet another thing the new boss got right!

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