Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Web of Spider-man debuts the long awaited appearance of Spider-Man’s first “supervillain” (the mugger who shot Uncle Ben doesn’t count) better known as Russian Actor Dmitri Anatoly Smerdyakov Kravinoff. Or is he? As a Master of Disguise you never really know.

By all accounts he’s a normal human who has used costumes and technology to impersonate people from Daily Bugle Publisher J. Jonah Jameson, to Incredible Hulk nemesis General Thunderbolt Ross (apparently he has a thing for cigar chomping military hot heads). He’s even copied Peter Parker at one point.

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His clix dial showcases mimicry abilities a Skrull would be jealous of, and given the amount of people he’s fooled over the years you have to wonder why this guy wasted his time fighting Spider-Man and robbing banks when he could have been a multi-million dollar multiple Oscar winning actor.

Unfortunately his combat prowess is all stage training. Chameleon has a sordid history of defeat, not only at the hands of Spider-Man, but also his supporting cast. Mary Jane took a Louisville Slugger to his kneecaps, Aunt May fed him some Ambien laced oatmeal cookies. In short, the guy knows how to lose.

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Chameleon’s Heroclix dial represents his rather timid nature - he’s lurking in the shadows (Stealth), using some chemical concoction (most likely Rohyphenol) to Incapacitate his victims, and wearing disguises (Shape Change) to avoid detection.

Perhaps the most interesting defensive ability on his dial is Mastermind, if only because you have to ask - do I really want to keep this guy on my team? Do I really need to save his 9 AV to share with other Syndicate team members? Some Perplex or Outwit would go a long way in helping me decide.

One thing is certain - while he can’t do a lot of damage...
... the Chameleon is annoying.

For starters, Stealth is going to block Line of Fire, which means an opponent will have to get up close to deal with him. Once there, he’ll use a disguise to confuse would be assaulters - half of all attacks will avoid him, and even if he does take one to the chin, he can pass the damage off with Mastermind.

Judging by his stats, Chameleon is not an attack piece - he’s an annoying tie-up piece.

Someone who’s hard to get away from.
Someone who uses cunning disguises & manipulations to get his way.
Someone who drugs you when you’re not looking.
Someone who wears a smoking jacket?
Oh my gosh!

He’s the Continental!

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