Saturday, August 28, 2010

Smells like Team Spirit

Team Abilities bring an added element to the battlefield. Web of Spider-man provides a number of TAs, but are they useful?

It's a Spider-man theme set, so there's plenty of Spider-Allies to go around with nearly a quarter of the set possessing the Wall Crawler's symbol on their dial. Lots of Wild Cards (compared to B&tB’s single WC TA) should mean lots of TAs to copy - however, only a handful of TAs are present in the set - Sinister Syndicate, SHIELD, X-men, the Marvel debut of the PD TA, and a few others.

Considering the lack of range, the PD & SHIELD TAs may be wasted. Don’t forget - when an SP gives a character range it usually cannot be modified (because the range is not printed on the dial).

The X-men TA might prove invaluable - swapping clicks of life can move a figure to a sweet spot or at least give them a second wind.

Groot is the only figure with a Defenders TA, though with all the Wild Cards in the set he'll easily find a friend to lend to (or borrow from). Perhaps the best TA offered in this expansion is also a shared ability - the Sinister Syndicate.

With the rules changes to Wild Cards in Blackest Night, Wild Cards can borrow or lend combat values again, making those Spider-Allies with a 10+ AV invaluable to teammates. There's not too many Sin-Syn members commonly available in 'Web - Chameleon is an Uncommon, Scorpion a rare, and the rest are SRs.

There's plenty of options for TA synergy in Web of Spider-man, and while players can't control their pulls in a sealed environment a TA may help a final decision when teambuilding. Since the point cost is already tacked onto the figure, consider,

If you're paying for the TA
you may as well try and use it.

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