Thursday, November 14, 2013

Batman Arkham Origins HeroClix set Review: Common Villains

The Batman Arkham Origins HeroClix set releases this week, and with it we get a flood of figures (21 to be precise) that will be making their way on to maps soon. Who do you need to own? Who should you fear on the map? The common reviews conclude today with the common Villains:

003 - Electrocutioner

As the only named figure in the set without a HeroClix counterpart, the Electrocutioner is also the lowest costed Batman Enemy with the Hired Assassin trait. His low cost works in his favor as it allows for bigger, badder threats to fit on his team and draw fire away from him.

The Electrocutioner makes for a strong tie-up piece - pushed a click into his dial he picks up Plasticity, which will work wonders on top of his Poison. Special power Quake is going to flummox opposing characters as well, especially when he adds action tokens to damage dealt.

He's not particularly strong or skilled - with no range and no Stealth he'll need to approach the fight cautiously. Toughness will keep him from getting one shot, and Force Blast could be fun in knocking figures off rooftops.

To get the most milage, Electrocutioner will need to base an opponent along with one or two other threats, forcing the opponent to choose who to fight. Positioned well, and with a little strategy he may earn his Hired Assassin bonus, but otherwise should serve well as a tie-up and annoyance, buying time for the rest of his teammates to put up the smack down.

Rating: 3/5

009 - The Joker

Last but not least of the commons is another version of the clown prince of crime - weighing in at 140 points to match the cost of this set's Batman.

The Joker arrives with a lot of Poison power - traited poison, the ability to Poison through Smoke Cloud, and the ability to deal Penetrating damage via Pooison if he previously KO's a character makes him a large threat on the board - as he should be at almost half the cost of a 300 point team.

What set's the Joker apart is a combination of powers and combat values. 17 Combat reflexes for instance are strong, but stronger backed with Stealth, and then superior when some Shape Change is added on.

Push once to take a dip in defenses, but pick up Outwit in trade. Pushed again, and he picks up the very annoying Sidestep which, when paired with his Improved Movement will let him position extremely well to Poison or blast away with Penetrating damage (11 attack, no less), all on an 18 defense.

Late dial he can use "I'll Test Your Code" to great effect, singling out an opponent, and then sidestepping out of sight, or using henchman to block a path between him and his target. Overall this is not just a strong piece for the set, but one of the best jokers to be released in a long time.

Rating: 4/5

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