Monday, November 25, 2013

Batman Arkham Origins HeroClix Set Review: Rare Experienced Villains

The Batman Arkham Origins HeroClix set just released and with it 21 new figures will be making their way on to maps soon.

Who do you need to own? Who should you fear on the map? Today we start the rare reviews with 3 of the Experienced ranked Batman villains:

017 - Firefly

Firefly's second appearance in HeroClix is not a disappointment. As one of the few flying villains in Batman's Rogues gallery his ability to carry allies makes him a phenomenal investment (especially when used with Black Mask's special movement power).

Firefly scorches the battlefield with Improved targeting, and makes for a handy Stealth buster allowing his allies to draw lines of fire to targets he has already hit.

Add in Enhancement to boost damage values of allies, and the av sharing Batman Enemy TA, and you have a nice mini-tentpole to build around that will find a home on many Bat-Enemy teams.

A few other Ranged Combat oriented powers (RCE/EE/ESD) make him a standard hang back and shoot villain, and the Assassin trait gives him a little more teeth on the field, or at least gives an opponent some added worry.

He's not the toughest Bat-Villain, but has so much synergy that you'd be remiss no to field him on a ranged oriented Bat-Villain team.

Rating 4/5

018 - Shiva

Shiva the Destroyer earns her name with a plethora of destructive powers, from Precision Strike to Charge, and Exploit Weakness. Leadership feels a little out of place, but is nonetheless welcome.

A strong close combat oriented defense backed by Stealth makes her a hard target for anyone that can't see her to take down, and Indomitable will let her take out just about any figure in the set after 2 strikes. Really, for 90 points this figure is an under costed giant slayer, and a steal of a deal.

if there was only one figure that you MUST own from B:AO, it is Shiva, goddess of war, harbinger of death and destruction.

Rating 5/5

019 Killer Croc

Killer Croc has had a lot of representation in HeroClix lately, from the NML vanilla suited mob boss, to the GC Strategy game, to the SoG "Society" cellar dweller. It's nice then, that the B:AO version does not disappoint.

What sets Croc over the top is his movement trait - Sidestep and Charge when occupying water terrain is too good of a combo and gives him a huge swing when waterlogged - free moving two squares and then Charging 5, or Charging in, then breaking away to sidestep into stealth.

It's unfortunate that there's no Stealthy water terrain, which means once he's in the drink, he's easy to spot. It's also good then that his scales are thick. Invulnerability, followed by Invincibility only give way to regen, which will put him back on top.

He's no slouch of an attacker either, with B/C/F and CCE to supplement his damage he should easily be able to earn his Assassin bonus. The only real detractor is his need for water terrain to be uber-effective. Without it he drops one on the ratings scale.

Rating 3/5

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