Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Batman Arkham Origins HeroClix set review: Uncommon Villains

The Batman Arkham Origins HeroClix set just released and with it 21 new figures will be making their way on to maps soon.

Who do you need to own? Who should you fear on the map? Today we finish the uncommon reviews with two of Batman's most famous villains:

012 - E. Nigma

Depicted in the days before he was the Riddler, Mr. E here weighs in at a hefty, and fragile 90 points. With only Mastermind to keep him safe, Nigma will need to surround himself with more than just mystery to stay out of harm's way.

Stealth makes him a better foil, especially as he'll be Outwitting and Probability Controling at range. Precision Strike somewhat makes up for lack of raw power, but his real value is in all the Support he brings to a team, countering powers, forcing rerolls, and potentially Perplexing opponents down.

Overall, it feels like a little too much investment for the payoff (about 20 points too expensive). Outwit is great if he can draw a line of fire, but his dial is so soft and shallow, and there's enough figures in the set with Precision Strike to make Mastermind a pointless defense.

If you absolutely MUST have those damage powers, you can pick this poindexter, but just remember - you're going to need a better attacker to front the team, someone fast Eddie can support - and you're going to need some fodder to take the dive when Nigma gets into combat. At the end, that doesn't leave a lot of room to fill out a team.

Rating: 3/5

013 - The Penguin

Where Eddie felt like a little too much of a stuffed shirt, Oswald fills out the tuxedo nicely, coming in at almost 80 points. He doesn't offer all the support powers that Nigma provides, but the ability to sit back in the shadows and take a power Action to use Outwit is an extremely useful ability, akin to JL 52's Oracle.

He's kind of a one trick pony in that regard - hit once he's moved on to a sharp umbrella and Perplex, with a little Toughness to guarantee he can't be Poisoned to death. Neither he nor Eddie do well in a fight, but he's no slouch either. I'd take a modified B/C/F attack roll over Riddler's Incap any day.

Neither one of these Gotham crime lords is a must play - but both bring something to the table. If anyone is a must own, it's the Penguin, but only for his Oracle like ability to grant Outwit to allies.

Rating: 2/5

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