Monday, October 21, 2013

Dial Review: Death's Head

As Winner of the 2012 Marvel Fan Vote Death's Head finally makes his way into 'Clix form with a strong dial that is extremely dangerous to opponents.

A bulky robotic assassin, DH starts out his top dial with a few standard powers and no trait.

While he has no move and attack powers, Indomitable, and a 10 speed Phasing/Teleport help him line up a shot with a promising 4 clicks of Penetrating damage.

He's no sharpshooter, but Improved Targeting: Ignores Characters, will help him home in on his prey and with an 8 range leave them little ground to run to.

Should they fight back, he can take the punishment - opening with an 18 Invulnerability, that quickly fades to 3 clicks of Invincible, each with a 17 defense, before returning to the Invulnerability.

He never gets easier to hurt either - essentially having Invulnerability on his last two clicks, but pairing it with Regeneration, Death's Head is a hard target in every sense.

Opponents will want to spread out on the battlefield as soon as his "Side Job" special attack power is revealed. This will allow him to deal extra damage without having to target or roll dice, every time he makes a successful attack.

If that damage is dealt, then he may take an additional action as a free action, including making an attack on a figure he hasn't already attacked this turn. With Indomitable, 'Head will be making a lot of attacks - up to 4 in 2 turns.

As his numbers start to drop off rear dial he picks up the option to use RCE or CCE, effectively boosting his attack and damage stats as needed.

If it weren't enough that his speed never drops below 9, he adds Sidestep to the mix for the second half of his dial, making him a sort of Terminator - a non stop engine of death and destruction that won't rest until Sarah Conner, or anyone else is in his sights is KO'd.

At 177 points DH needs all of these bells and whistles as he's a tentpole and will be doing most of the heavy lifting on his team.

With two types of Penetrating Damage, and the ability to constantly dish out 4 to 5 damage per attack, opponents will fall fast.

His biggest drawbacks will be his inability to move and attack top dial, giving opponents some time to avoid a nasty first strike. Likewise, he can't shoot what he can't see - so Stealth is going to frustrate him when trying to draw a line of Fire.

Opponents will want to swarm him to beat through those defenses, and therein lies the problem. The more opponents he has close by, the more damage he can dish out with Side Job.

He's a tricky opponent to play or play against, but one that can definitely earn his keep.

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