Sunday, October 13, 2013

Why Arkham Origins is an exciting Batman HeroClix set (for now)

Let's face it - like most of you,  I'm burnt out on Batman. 

Since the Superman expansion, we've been subjected to Bat-set after Bat-set with the Movie figures, Strategy Game, NML, SoG, Vehicle Super Boosters, Tab App packs, TV series, and now the video game franchise. 

Normally my wallet would be safe, as it was from most of the above releases, but this time, there's a few things that have my attention. 

1.) Story/Theme play:

The game appears to have a number of characters that inject a little bit of added "threat" onto the board for my opponent with the Hired Assassin trait:

Hired Assassin: During your first turn, choose an opposing character. If XXXXXXXX KOs that character, you score an additional 50 victory points.

This reminds me of the old (and flawed) Arch Enemy system, and sort of steers the game a little towards an alternate win condition. Competitively, I've played at large attendance venues, where you can go 3-0 and lose based on points (I recall a recent 3 round, 300 point event where a player timed out in several games without getting more than 100 points in all 3 rounds, but managed the wins!).

I'm curious to see how opponents react to the added point incentive of figures I'm fielding. Will they not care? Will they try and steer their targeted character away from my threat? Will they try and take out my Assassin first? There's a psychological aspect to HeroClix, that I love and this helps bring that out.

If nothing else, it gives me something else to concentrate on in games, in addition to the win. I wish there were more "objectives and rewards" in HeroClix - things like battlefield promotion, artifact rolls, etc. 

Magneto crosses the board to launch missiles from Cape Citadel? Marvel Girl promotes to Phoenix? That's awesome. Moloid picks up a Crimson Gem and KO's Sinestro by himself? That's something to talk about. It's these type of moments that make for great game play.

2: Character Selection:

I can't speak so much on this as we've only seen a few figures, but so far this looks promising, based on spoilers from the video game. A new Black Mask is promising (considering the SoG version is a bit of a wet rag), as is a new take on Anarky (unconfirmed in the set).

The update of Copperhead has me intrigued, and I know that while some aren't happy with the point bloated Deadshot, I'm glad to have another version of him. 

The thought that we might get an unclixed figure like Electrocutioner, or perhaps an updated Creeper? That would be amazing. I can't wait to see the full set list, and I'm hoping it doesn't double dip too much into the bat-well that we've been subjected to lately. 

#3: Sculpts: 

This is a toss up right now - I don't know what these look like in hand, but DC has had a better track record with sculpts (aside from DC75 Superman), specifically the micro sets like 52, DC10. 

If these sculpt stay on the same track, if the character selection is robust, and if there's a lot of fun to play mechanics it's going to be hard to pass this set up. 

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