Wednesday, October 23, 2013

HeroClix Dial Review - the Batman: Arkham Origins Video Game Set's Black Mask Thug

The last post explored the Batman: Arkham Origin's Biggest Villain: Black Mask as portrayed in the upcoming HeroClix video game adaptation.

Today we look at two figures to serve the bidding of Roman Sionas, a.k.a. Black Mask.

First up is the Black Mask Thug - a no name goon that has allied himself to the Gotham Underworld's current big bad boss and is a part of the False Facer gang. 

As a 40 point generic, he doesn't offer much in the way of combat values. Sure he can hit and punch with the best of the common criminals, but he's still climbing the evil corporate ladder as evidenced by his 9's on attack and 16's in defense.

The real selling point for these goons is the chain of command offered by the Batman Enemy TA - specifically, that ability to borrow an adjacent friendly figure's attack value. Who cares if his attack is a 9 or a 3? With the Bat-Enemy TA, he can have a 10, 11 or 12 so long as the positioning allows it.

With Black Mask's ability to move his men around the battlefield via the Vast Fortune SP, the Black Mask Thugs should always be in a good position to take advantage of the TA. 

Add running shot to the mix, and you have a highly mobile ranged attack squad.

Further down the dial the BMT picks up Enhancement in one of the best named special powers yet... I Read.

Don't stereotype this mook - he's a thinker! He's got his eye on the stock market. He knows a thing or two about investing. Enhancement is a great boost to a dial that already benefits from adjacent friends.

His defense is a little soft - a bare 16 is only backed up with Shape Change if his boss is nearby. Still, Shape Change should serve to frustrate more than a few opponents that end up wasting an action trying to attack him.

With Ranged Combat Expert and Energy Explosion down the dial this figure is definitely range combat focused, which is why it's nice to break out the older False Facers from Streets of Gotham.

The False Facers are a 32 point generic Henchmen with a variety of options and team abilities tehy can put into play.

With 2 dials to choose from players can opt to build an aggressive team full of figures that serve to lock down (Poison and Plasticity) opponents while setting up a firing squad of hit men.

Given the cost of these generics, many can fit on a team and remain versatile thanks to dual team abilities - the Bat-Enemy to chain attack values, and the Gotham Underworld to help carry and position.

Chuck in the 40 point Henchman from either Arkham Asylum or the recent Batman full sized booster expansion, and you've got a very angry mob of mooks ready to take on the Bat.

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