Sunday, October 27, 2013

Invincible Iron Man HeroClix Dial Review: Melter

As one of Iron Man's original foes (first appearing in Tales of Suspense #47, 1963) Melter finally makes his HeroClix debut in the upcoming Invincible Iron Man expansion, helping to round out the debut roster of the first Masters of Evil (along with his pals Baron Zemo, Radioactive Man and the Black Knight).

After 11 years and 20 expansions, was it worth the wait? I'd say yes - if only for the striped pajamas.

He'll stop the world to melt with you.

Seriously, the costume is corny - with it's hokey stripes and giant M on the chest we should thank the Scourge of the Underworld for dispatching this fashion menace in the 1980's.

Even though his costume is a bit of a joke, foes of this Master of Evil should take him as a serious threat even if his bag of tricks was to make Tony Stark naked.

You read that right. This guy used his super ability to melt off Tony's armor. Witness:

We're talking about a guy that goes a step farther than pulling a hero's pants down in combat by literally EVAPORATING a hero's costume. How can you not like that visual ?

(Nelson Laugh)

Why did he want to melt people's clothing? Maybe he had a flesh fetish, but it's probably more to distract people away from his own hideous outfit.

Jokes aside players would be foolish to think this Iron Man villain is a non-threat.  Using the new improved targeting: ignores and destroys blocking terrain on lines of fire - it's going to be hard to hide from his opening Penetrating Blast, and he even gets a bit of a boost in range thanks to Sidestep.

With the Masters of Evil TA he can keep pressing the attack if need be, and he comes equipped with an ATA: Hammer Industries letting him use Perplex for a mere 5 point increase in cost.

Melter also makes use of a special power to give him comic accurate flavor. Molten Armor gives this former minion of the Mandarin the ability to literally Outwit the pants on someone.

Be sure to say this when playing the Melter in public: I Outwit your pants. Then feel free to point the person who doubts your ability to outwit pants in the direction of the evidence pictured in this installment of the Mousetrap.

Enough with the costume...
 what's his dial like? 

While his combat values may not reek of the recent power creep that's plagued the game, his numbers remain steady and efficient down the dial, progressing slowly into a rear dial burst of power with Pulse Wave to go out with a bang, and maybe, just maybe, take everyone's pants with him.

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