Monday, February 28, 2011

All Star Superman part 2 - Alter Egos and more

Finishing out the commons of a Superman HeroClix set based on the Web of Spider-Man set, we have a conundrum. Spider-Man featured a number of Alter Ego figures, which arguably aren’t needed in Man of Steel, seeing as how Clark Kent got the AE treatment in the Brave and the Bold.

Rather than go the route of including another Clark (and inducing the groans of many players) we’ll include another one of Superman’s Alter Egos: Gangbuster.

Gangbuster was a more “emo” role Superman created when he was guilt ridden with causing the deaths of the Phantom Zone criminals Zod, Ursa and Non, and in Heroclix form would have the ability to “upgrade” into the Man of Steel.

We don’t want to dismiss the real Gangbuster, so we’ll include Jose Delgado as an LE.

Just as Peter Parker’s spot makes way for Gangbuster, so too can we fill in another Alter Ego slot with another newsman - Jimmy Olsen.

Taking the place of Daily Bugle reporter Eddie Brock is Daily Planet reporter Jimmy Olsen. Olsen is known for his many outrageous adventures, including turning into a giant turtle-boy and joining the Legion of Super-Heroes as Elastic Lad.

Both could be represented by a combination of the AE/battlefield upgrade mechanic, where Jimmy needs to meet a certain goal to transform when the Alter Ego power is showing, and can form into 1 of 2 AEs - Elastic Lad or the aforementioned turtle.

Giant Turtle Boy takes the place of WoS’s SR Groot, a large figure who likewise turns into a colossal mid dial. By combining the AE/Battlefield Upgrade mechanics Jimmy *might* turn into something, but it's no guarantee. Otherwise players can automatically field the Olsen of their choice.

In another common spot Web of Spider-Man featured Venom, the darker, evil Anti-Spider-Man, and while Superman has many foes that fit that bill (Bizarro, Ultraman) one version really needs a remake. The Kryptonian criminal that caused Superman to adopt the Gangbuster guise: Zod.

Zod's not complete without his teammates Ursa and Non, so we'll include them (in different rarities) as well. Never before made Ursa takes the place of Uncommon Never before made Chameleon, while Non grabs Victor Mancha's Rare spot.

Taking a look at WoS's set list, we've filled out spots 8-10, and jumped around a little.

#8 Peter Parker = Gangbuster (AE)
#101 Jose Delgado (Gangbuster)
#9 Venom = Zod
#10 Eddie Brock = Jimmy Olsen
#24 Ben Reilly = Elastic Lad (AE)
#49 Groot SR = Giant Turtle Boy
#19 Chameleon = Ursa
#34 Victor Mancha = Non

Next time we'll look at the Outlaws and see if we can't find a compatible team to replace them with.

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