Monday, February 28, 2011

All Star Superman part 4: Superman's Amazing Friends (and Foes)

Continuing with our conversion of Web of Spider-Man to All Star Superman we take a look at the uncommon slots. The bulk of uncommons are filled with some of the most recognizable characters of the Superman mythos, making fan favorites easy to obtain.

Where Web of Spider-Man gave us one parasitic man-eater in the way of Carnage, Superman foe Parasite could easily be considered a counterpart and needs an update.

Parasite needs a version that will strike fear into the hearts of opponents - a Steal Energy monster with Poison, Flurry, the ability to Wild Card opposing characters - think something close to Zombie Hulk meets Chase Spider-Woman.

Spider-Man’s amazing friend Firestar helped fill WoS’s set list with a much needed update, and Superman has an amigo that equally needs a remake - Supergirl.

We’ll let Big Blue take the Black suited Spider-Man spot. We could have put Superman as a common, but figured fans would appreciate multiple robot generics over a 200+ point definitive beatstick. Black costume Superman will be an LE, complete with regeneration, a power not seen often on Clark’s dial.

Web of Spider-Man gave us three takes on his greatest foe: Norman Osborne, so it goes without saying that the other Billionaire Industrialist villain that must be included in a Superman set is Lex Luthor.

I have him listed as President Luthor, and it’s fun to imagine him with a Diplomatic Immunity trait that prevents Superman Allies from targeting him. In any event, I saved the AE mechanic that lets Lex upgrade into his popular battle armor.

Spider-Man’s ill-reputed girlfriend got hit with the remake stick, so it’s only fitting we include one of Superman’s gal-pals in the form of Lois Lane, from the issue of All Star Superman where she gained powers.

Superman’s not the only hero to call Metropolis a home, and for a while Booster Gold operated out of the big city. A fan favorite who doesn’t have a solo updated version since his Origin appearance, Booster could easily fit in a Man of Steel theme set.

Where Web of Spider-Man had four slots devoted to a complete X-Force team, MoS has four members of a team Superman belonged to: the JLI. With Booster in spot #1 Big Barda fills double duty as a JLI’er and 4th World Female Fury,

Barda also has a bit of a "romantic" history with the Man of Steel...

while Maxwell Lord finally gets the HeroClix treatment as both friend and foe of the Kryptonian (and Booster!).

Also in the frienemie JLI category: Lobo, the main man takes Wolverine’s place.

Plainclothes Lois Lane fills in for Mary Jane in the “supporting cast” role, although Lois’s dial will have more powers, as Lois has proven to be sneaky and combative in her investigative journalism.

While we're on the subject of Weapon X - WoS gave us the annoying son of Wolverine, so it’s fitting that Superboy take Daken’s place. We’re talking first appearance Superboy here, with leather jacket and glasses.

That takes us through the Uncommons and some of the most colorful and popular friends and foes of Superman.
  • #18 Carnage = Parasite
  • #20 Firestar = Supergirl
  • #22 Spider-Man (black suit) = Superman
  • #23 Norman Osborn = President Luthor (AE)
  • #39 Iron Patriot = Lex Luthor (AE)
  • #26 Black Cat = Superwoman (Lois)
  • #27 X-23 = Booster Gold
  • #28 Warpath = Big Barda
  • #29 Wolfsbane = Maxwell Lord
  • #43 Wolverine = Lobo
  • #30 Mary Jane Watson = Lois Lane
  • #31 Daken = Superboy (classic)

Next time we'll look at the Rares, which include some lesser known allies and antagonists of the Man of Steel.

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