Monday, February 28, 2011

All Star Superman part 3 - Complete teams

HeroClix set design accounts for complete, ready to play teams, and recent sets have delivered with Nextwave, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and in Web of Spider-Man X-Force, the U-Foes, and the Outlaws a group Spidey once belonged to.

Superman has a similar group he joined, if not inspired, the Legion of Super-Heroes. In all honesty, the LoSH could use its own expansion as there are so many characters yet to be made into clix form that they would overrun a set on their own.

It's impossible to include a "complete" line-up of Legionnaires, but we can certainly fill out 3 to 400 points worth of members starting with Sun Boy, a fitting inclusion considering Superman is solar powered.

The Man of Steel set wouldn't be complete without a boy of steel that joined the Legion, and I'm not talking about any Kryptonians.

Ferro Lad may have had a short tenure but certainly fits the Man of Steel theme.

Other never before made Legionnaires include Insect Queen, the role adopted on multiple occasions by Clark’s Smallville sweetheart Lana Lang.

Including Lana as Insect Queen is a great way to showcase Superman's diverse universe of characters without turning her into a vanilla Mary Jane Watson role with no powers.

Lightning Lass gives us a chance to fill two spots...

showcasing another easy to conceive LE repaint, from her time as Light Lass, with powers over gravity.

Finally represent a much needed remake of Brainiac 5 the ancestor of one of Superman's greatest foes, and lover of Supergirl.

With the aforementioned Jimmy Olsen/Elastic Lad the Legion makes a strong showing in Man of Steel.

Back from the future we can easily see who in the DCU takes the place of Tony Stark, the Web of Spider-Man's billionaire industrialist in a suit of armor. It’s fitting that the Man of Steel set get its own “Iron Man” in John Henry Irons: Steel.

WoS also featured a complete line-up of never before made Hulk villains - the U-Foes, with one figure in each rarity set level. For Superman’s set, we’ll try and include another team that hasn’t gotten quite a lot of screen time: the Female Furies.

Granny Goodness has two Modern Age versions, so we'll skip over her and include Bernadeth, Mad Harriet, Stompa, and Gilotina.

That rounds out the common slots, and fills up a couple of teams for some epic HeroClix battles.

  • #11 Prowler = Sun Boy
  • #12 Puma = Ferro Lad
  • #13 Will o the Wisp = Lightning Lass
  • #15 Molten Man = Insect Queen (Lana Lang)
  • #44 Rocket Racer = Brainiac 5
  • #14 Iron Man = Steel
  • #16 Ironclad = Stompa
  • #32 Vector = Mad Harriet
  • #48 X-Ray = Gilotina
  • #60 Vapor SR = Bernadeth

Next, we'll look at some of the Uncommons of Web of Spider-Man and figure out who Superman's Amazing Friends are, and what team takes the place of X-Force...

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