Thursday, February 24, 2011

All Star Superman Set List (Speculation)

Part 1, the Commons.

Earlier this month WizKids announced a Superman HeroClix set scheduled for release in September 2011. Assuming, it's a full set, what can fans expect? For one thing, don't expect it to be called All Star Superman thanks to the unfortunate abbreviation implied. Instead, we'll refer to it as the Man of Steel.

Names aside, recent HeroClix expansions have given players a number of remade and never before made Superman enemies including Brainiac, Doomsday, Metallo and the Kryptonite Man. It would be a shame to waste spots in the set dedicated to these most recently made foes, so here's hoping that a few classics actually get left out.

If the Man of Steel set follows the same pattern as the recent theme set of a certain alternate universe web headed journalist, here’s what we might expect to see. Web of Spider-Man featured multiple generics, something Metropolis has plenty of room for.

Instead of the HAMMER organization, MoS would feature updated Intergang agents, an equally sinister group of elite super criminals. Sculpts could be repainted on these Intergang minions to represent two power levels, just as the HAMMER team had its grunts and elites.

On the opposite end of the law and order spectrum is the Metropolis SCU with their captain Maggie Sawyer taking the place of Code: Blue and Marcus Stone.

Additionally, there's Squad K playing both sides of the fence. Lead by General Lane and replacing the generic Nurse spot from WoS.

Not too much of a stretch from WoS's nameless Researcher is the STAR Labs Technician. Dr. Emil Hamilton is an easy repaint, and a prominent figure in the DCU to earn his own clix in LE form.

The Symbiote’s spot gets replaced with the Metallo Man minion, a generic servant of Brainiac/Luthor from the classic Alan Moore “Whatever Happened to the Man of Steel” storyline. Unlike Metallo, who was just one man, Brainiac/Luthor created an army of kryptonite powered cyborgs to assault the Daily Planet in an attempt to draw out the Man of Tomorrow. The Man of Steel set also features the buy it by the brick Brainiac/Luthor figure as their battlefield general.

Superman has rich history entwined with the fourth world, which is why a Fenris Wolf sized double based giant Warhound is an appropriate generic for the set, as opposed to Parademons which made a strong appearance in the recent Brave and the Bold. Warhounds replace the common mugger from Web-Head's expansion.

Speaking of robots, a Superman set couldn’t be complete without a Superman Robot generic, taking the place of classic suit Spidey.

So far we've found replacements for 10 figures:

#1 HAMMER Agent = Intergang Agent
#17 HAMMER Elite Operative = Intergang Elite
#2 Symbiote = Metallo Man
#3 Researcher = STAR Labs technician
#4 Nurse = Squad K
#25 Anti-Venom = General Sam Lane
#5 Code: Blue Officer = Metropolis SCU
#21 Lt. Marcus Stone = Captain Maggie Sawyer
#6 Mugger = War Hound
#7 Spider-Man = Superman Robot

Next post we'll take a look at the Alter Egos possible in a full blown Man of Steel set.

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