Monday, February 28, 2011

All Star Superman Part 5 - Rares

General convention of set design places generics in Common slots, with well known characters in Uncommons, and so it falls to the Rares to fill out some of the lesser known (and lesser loved) figures. Names of rares in past sets like Larfleeze and Rocket Racer populate the bulk with a few high powered or more marquee icons (Wolverine, Storm).

Web of Spiderman continued the trend offering Menace, a relatively new Spider-Foe who makes way for Silver Banshee, an equally villainous femme fatale who can also serve as another LE - Jeanette of the Secret Six.

Bruno Mannheim makes his Clix debut, taking the equally loud and mustachioed place of Daily Bugle Publisher JJJ. Bruno will have a “master” ability for his Intergang minions.

The sewer dwelling Vermin moves over for another “monster movie” type - the Atomic Skull.

The cybernetically enhanced Scorpion got an upgrade in WoS, and so too will Magog, represented here as a member of the JSA.

Noh_varr was the son of a great hero, so it’s fitting that Orion, the son of a great villain (Darkseid) fill his shoes. Orion’s Collateral Damage version while a strong piece could use an upgrade, and would serve as a Silver Bullet piece to Darkseid.

Clone Ben Reilly donned a hoodie sweatshirt and took on the role of Scarlet Spider- so it’s appropriate that another clone take his spot in the set - the Guardian, of Cadmus project.

Relatively new villain Cardiac was a shock inclusion for Spider-fans, so hopefully Codename: Assassin will surprise players.

Speaking of hired killers, where Bullseye is an assassin with grace, I chose to fill his remake spot with another updated character who is notably less than graceful - Kalibak.

Solo, yet another mercenary in ‘Web gets his spot filled by a duo - Flamebird and Nightwing, defenders of the bottle city of Kandor.

Mad scientist Jackal’s spot gets taken over by evil scientist Desaad.

While fan favorite X-man Nightcrawler loses to an equally mobile and hard to pin down Mister Miracle.

Fourth World ranks get filled out in the Rare spots along with some other powerhouses, friends and foes.

#33 Menace = Silver Banshee
#35 J. Jonah Jameson = Bruno Mannheim
#36 Vermin = Atomic Skull
#37 Scorpion = Magog
#38 Noh-Varr = Orion
#40 Scarlet Spider = Guardian
#41 Cardiac = Codename: Assassin
#42 Bullseye = Kalibak
#45 Solo = Flamebird & Nightwing (duo)
#46 Jackal = Desaad
#47 Nightcrawler = Mister Miracle

Next we'll look at the SRs, the cream of the crop of the All Star Superman set.

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